Teens and Driving

Teens and Driving

 Today’s topic is teens and driving.. In the time it took me to say that, a teenager was injured in an automobile accident. In the next couple of hours, a teenager will die in the United States. Seven teenagers a day die in automobile crashes in the United States and another 770 approximately are injured.

Motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death among 15 to 20-year-olds. Sixteen-year-olds have a higher crash rate than drivers of any other age. Conssymroycupo . Given the dangers of driving, is it any wonder that teens and driving creates more heartburn amongst more parents than any other topic?


A Real Danger for Teens Driving

 Think about it! Your child is in very real danger. Just like a two-year-old running on a busy freeway, your child is in real danger. And not just the danger of being hurt, injured, killed, but also the enormous financial risks involved. Cars aren’t cheap. Crazaberamer Gas is expensive. Insurance costs money. Liability is an issue. Your child goes off and hurts or kills somebody else, you’re facing lawsuits that may drag on for many, many years and really have a significant impact on your lifestyle.

So all of that is my way of saying, I’d like to introduce you to a new book. It’s called “Teens and Driving”. It’s an Adventures in Single Parenting book. It’s one of a series of short books in my Adventures in Single Parenting series and it’s available on Amazon. It’s available in Kindle format. It’s available from several other publishers, so you can get it in paperback, you can get it in Kindle, and it’s a very short book but it covers a lot of the statistics about teens and driving. It covers a lot of the issues concerning teens and driving.


Driving While Distracted

 Today we have to worry texting while driving. We have to worry about cell phone use, programming a navigation system, and all kinds of other distractions. The book offers an insight into the world of teens and driving and it also offers a fair amount of suggestions for you as a parent to enable you to make the relevant choices that you need to make in order to ensure, or at least to help, promote the safety in driving and help ensure that your child won’t become one of those awful, ugly, black statistics that are so prevalent out there in the world of teens and driving today.

So once again, “Teens and Driving, an Adventures in Single Parenting book”. You can go to my website http://singleparenting.us, click on products, and it will take you to a page that gives you all of the books available in the series. My wish for you is that your children grow up happy, healthy, and are positive contributors to society. I’m here to help you get there. This is Len, we’ll talk again. Bye for now.