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Today I am in Cozumel Scuba Diving

 Hello my friends. This is Len Mooney, author of “Adventures in Single Parenting” and creator of the website ““. I want to welcome you to this video. Today, I’m coming to you from sunny Cozumel. We’re looking at the Caribbean Sea behind us, got some cruise ships out there. We’ve been here for a week scuba diving every day. Today, we’re going on a tour of the island.

 Hello from the Deep Blue Sea

Here I am again, waving to you from underneath the water around Cozumel. I thought I’d give you a look at what it’s like to be scuba diving out there. I’ve lived my life with travel and adventure. I like to scuba dive, snow ski, water ski, hike, backpack, camp, sail. I taught my kids to do almost all those things when they were growing up. They went snow skiing with me and water skiing. Crazaberamer They went camping and backpacking, hiking. We did a lot of things. I did a lot of things with the kids. I was a stay-at-home dad; I worked from home.

 Lifestyle and Financial Stress

I know many of you are stressed financially, and that’s why I want to talk to you about lifestyle. With the internet today, there’s a plethora of ways that you can earn additional money working from home, and I’d like to help you get there. You can have the lifestyle that you dream of. There are ways to do it, whether it’s backpacking, camping, scuba diving, sailing, water skiing, snow skiing, or whether it’s just staying at home being with the kids, being there for their parent-teacher conferences, being there for their doctors’ appointments, being there when they’re sick, being there when they’re healthy, being there when they need you, being there when they don’t, and just enjoying the life that you want to enjoy on your terms. You can do it.

 What is the Solution?

What I’d like you to do is check out a couple of things. On my single parenting website,, there’s a link that says Work from Home; it’s a video. It’s about 30-minutes long, and it goes through a number of different things that you can do to earn additional money from home. Conssymroycupo . It’s totally free of charge; you’re not going to get a bill. I’d like you to go watch it if any of this is of interest to you. The other place you can go is to my marketing website, There’s a link there that says Work with Len. You can click on that to learn more about other business opportunities that you might be interested in which you can join with me, partner with me, work with me, and earn additional money working from home.

 No Get Rich Quick Schemes

Once again, no matter what lifestyle you want to achieve, the internet provides a way for you to do it. There are no get-rich-quick schemes, but we can learn working together how to earn additional income for you.

This is Len. As usual, my wish for you is that your children grow up happy, healthy, and are positive contributors to society. We’ll talk again. Click on the links below. Go check out the opportunities. Looking is free. Bye for now.


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  1. This video perfectly describes me! To begin with, I am swim coach thus scuba diving forms part of my leisure time. Most importantly, I am a single mom to an adorable four year old boy. I therefore work from home so as to offer him the best parenting I can possibly offer and at the same time be able to cater for our needs. I therefore need thorough coaching on how to go about juggling these two equally important roles that I have to play concurrently and still remain sane at the end of the day. Some extra cash to be used on scuba diving escapades will be an added advantage as we explore this beautiful world together. Quite an exciting video this is!

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