Single Parenting (Teaching Kids to Cook)

  • Teaching Kids to Cook!

    This is Len, author of “Adventures in Single Parenting”, and creator of the
    website,, and welcome to this video. This is another short
    story about the kids living with me. I learned the hard way that teaching kids
    to cook takes time and patience but is well worth the investment.

    Once again,when they came to live  with me, they were in early grade school,
    and I had a job; a very busy job. I worked outside the home initially, and so
    I used to get home around dinner time, and I would feel very rushed.

    I would feel like I needed to just sort of crash around and get dinner on
    the table, and get the kids fed and take care of the chores, et cetera,
    whatever needed to be done. The consequence of that is that I didn’t do a
    very good job of teaching my daughter or my son – I don’t mean to be
    prejudiced here – teaching either of the children to cook in the early
    years. If they offered to help in the kitchen, I sort of thought that,
    “Well, I could get it done faster myself, and I really didn’t need any help
    right now. So why don’t you go off and do something else? Play with your
    friends. Do your homework. I’ll take care of the cooking.”

    The consequence of that is just that they didn’t learn how to cook
    really well, and so one day my daughter decided that she wanted to make a
    grilled cheese sandwich, and she did. She made an open-faced, grilled
    cheese sandwich, in the toaster with Velveeta cheese. Now, if you can
    imagine that, you can imagine what this toaster looked like. The toaster
    was no more. One of the other things that I noticed when the kids started
    to try to cook for themselves from time to time is that they always had
    this illusion that they needed to turn the stove to high. For some reason,
    they were always trying to cook things fast, so they were really infamous
    for making burnt scrambled eggs and burnt grilled cheese sandwiches (that
    weren’t open-faced in the toaster) just by keeping the stove too high.

    Some of the incidents were really hilarious, though. I do look back on
    that, and I wish to myself that I had just spent more time in the early
    years letting them help me in the kitchen so that they had a better idea of
    what to do.

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    My wish for you is your children grow up healthy, happy, and
    are positive contributors to society. This is Len. We’ll talk again. Bye for now.


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