Single Parenting Rule 5

Adventures in Single Parenting is the book I wish I could have read before I became a single parent. It is a collection of the things I learned along the road from grade school to adulthood that helped stabilize the house and made it manageable for me and the kids.   It is full of good practical advice like:

  •     Setting boundaries
  •     Establishing rules
  •     Talking about sex
  •     Getting chores done
  •     Handling a child teacher conflict
  •     Cooking
  •     Pets
  •     Handling allowances and spending money
  •     Driving
  •     Dating (Your dating)
  •     Integrating families together
  •     Keeping tax records

and much, much more to help you in the days ahead. It is written from a down to earth practical viewpoint by someone who lived the experience.

Here is an example of what other’s have to say:

You are truly gifted at writing with a subtle humor about very important topics that need to be thought out by a loving parent. I really enjoyed reading the free download and recommend that each single parent buy your book so that they get all of the valuable information you are offering them. Thanks for sharing…

My wish for you is that your kids grow up healthy and are positive contributors to society.  I hope “Adventures in Single Parenting” helps you get there.

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