Sex and the single parent-dating again

Looking for intimacy? 

So you are feeling the need for some more intimate adult companionship than your circle of friends and you want to start dating again.


The first, and very important step, is to talk to your kids about your desire to date. The kids will probably see your new date as a threat to the still existent notion that somehow the relation between you and your former spouse will be mended. No matter what the problems were and how severe, your children may still harbor a notion that you and your former spouse will reunite.

They might ask questions like, “Why can’t you just date (insert dad or mom)?  Be prepared to be honest without being negative.  Support the other person with statements like, “You know your dad (or mom) is a good person, he and I just don’t get along

The children want to see themselves and their parents as a normal family unit.  They don’t like the idea of weekend visits and exchanging holidays.

 The children need reassured you will still be there for them

They also feel the loss of the non-custodial parent and depending on where your children are in their own development cycle, they might see your dating and your new friend as a threat to their own relation with you. They may even feel threatened to the point that they believe if you continue on with your new relationship that they will lose you and be left with no parents at all.


So once again, the message is communicate your intentions.  Your kids have a right to know whether you’re building casual friendships or whether you really hope to get married again (or for the first time). Be honest with their questions and don’t be afraid to say, “I’m not ready to answer that at this time.” Look, your kids are your family. Crazaberamer . Of course, you can’t predict the future, but you can clue them in to your intentions.

So what’s next?

 Alright so you have gone on a date now what?  Go slow.  The potential to get hurt again is huge and the risk of hurting the kids is also there.  Don’t bring a new friend into your home until you really know them well and are confident that the relation has some stability.  Your new friend will probably try hard to impress the kids which means they will become attached. But of course that means they are vulnerable to being hurt again if you and your new friend break up. So once again, proceed with caution.

Finding someone to date

It’s hard enough when you are single and not a parent to find someone to date.  It is really very difficult when you have all the other responsibilities of single parenting.  I personally have had some luck with on line dating services.  Stay with the more reputable ones.  Of course, any time you are meeting someone “on line” you run some risk so proceed with caution.

Meet up groups

 Personally I also like the myriad of clubs and activities that are available.  I prefer outdoors stuff so I belong to a water ski club, sailing club and snow ski club.  There are many good clubs to join that provide a social outlet and an opportunity to meet new friends.  Whatever your interest is, there is probably a meet up nea by that caters to it.  If not, start your own.  Starting a meetup is easy


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