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Greetings from Len Mooney and Welcome to my Ripple!

Please e mail your full name and cell phone number to I need your full name to send your ripple invite.

Then watch your e mail for your private invitation to join the Ripple. Meanwhile read on about the significance of this world wide movement. (Be sure to check your spam folder if you don’t see an invite soon)

The following was written by my friend Mark Hoverson, an exceptional internet marketer.

#1- When I first heard about the ripple concept, I thought it was just an “app deal” and vowed I’d have nothing to do it. I thought, “How can anyone make money with a zero-cost app?”

#2- After spending several concentrated hours in conversation about the vision and mission of what the ripple was setting out to accomplish, I now believe that this idea could go down in history as the concept that restructures how Billion dollar tech companies are built. (Hint: almost 100% of the value in a tech company is the names and users they have…the people are the ONLY value, and this ripple conversation is simply “recognizing” value).

#3- When I was a kid, we’d sit at the end of the dock at our lake, and to see if any fish were around, we’d toss a piece of cinnamon bun into the water…if the fish swarmed, that was our sign to start fishing. Well, we “thought” the marketplace would respond to the idea of recognizing their value, and allowing them to track their techno-footprint…and when we tossed the idea to the marketplace: the swarm is literally surging into over 100 countries in a few days. Thousands are hustling. I believe there are many cultural forces that are causing this (the ease of technology, the craving of people to understand their influence, the need to feel connected, the unjust and outdated architecture of tech companies where the venture capitalists make all the money off the people even though the people are the value).

That’s all for today, again watch your e mail and check spam for your personalized invite from me.

Len Mooney

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