Len give me a break, why should I read your book?

  • Knowledge is Power!
  • Explore what to expect as a single parent and a deeper understanding of what the kids are experiencing.
  • Discover how to establish a peaceful, harmonious household!
  • Enjoy a fun, light romp through some of the issues of raising children.
  • I promise you will laugh, you might even cry sometimes and you will learn a thing or two!

Len, who are you and why should I listen to you?

  • Good question! You should not listen to me.
  • Take my ideas and form you own opinions.
  • Incorporate my ideas into your special circumstances.
  • My daughter just recently called me and asked me to move in with her so I can help raise her son
  • The kids lived with me for 14 years from early grade school to adult

Adventures in Single Parenting is about sharing my experiences so you can benefit

  • Being a single parent is more than having one less parent living at home
  • It involves a myriad of subtle but important distinctions
  • Discover my systems, rules and ideas that worked to achieve a peaceful, harmonious house!
  • Let me share my secrets with you.

Work with me, let’s discuss the teenage years together

  • I reveal what to expect during the teenage years
  • Explore issues such as sex education, alcohol and drugs
  • Discover secrets for keeping your teen healthy and alive

Alcohol and other drugs

  • Do you know that children as young as 6 to 8 years old admit to getting into alcohol
  • Explore with me the hidden signs of alcohol and drug use so you are certain to recognize them for yourself should you need to
  • Discuss ways to approach a suspected alcohol or drug issue

Are you ready for your baby to be driving?

  • Is your child ready for a driver’s license? Are you ready?
  • What are some things you can do to insure their safety?
  • What are some things you might consider in lieu of a driver’s license?
  • Explore some strategies for keeping them alive and out of harm’s way.

Are you sure your dating is not having an effect on you children?

  • Discover the effects your dating is likely to have on your children
  • Explore options for helping your children feel secure

Ah Hah! The family poopie

  • Have you considered that your child may be grown, gone to college, married, moved across the country with his/her own family and you might still be feeding that goldfish you got when he/she was in kindergarten
  • Rummage with me through pet stories that will leave you in stitches laughing so hard

The hard, cold facts

  • Our primary responsibility as parents is to raise productive adults who can function in society on their own
  • But first we have to keep them alive to get them there and keep them out of harm’s way
  • Starting with don’t rock the hi chair and don’t run into the street and keep your fingers out of the electric outlet all the way to don’t drink and drive and do use a condom, we as parents are usually struggling to stay one step ahead of our kids.

Adventures in single Parenting will help you stay there! (one step ahead, may be two)

Adventures in Single Parenting cover

But Len, my kids are way young so it seems your book is for older kids.

  • No! If your kids are way young this is the best time to explore some of these ideas so you can plant seeds today that will grow tomorrow
  • It is true my kids were older when they came to live with me but that does not change the lessons learned along the way

Absolute money back guarantee!

  • Here is the best, most insane part for you
  • If for any reason this book does not live up to your expectations, send me an e mail and I will cheerfully refund your money, no questions asked
  • How is that for a commitment?

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