“Adventures in Single Parenting” now available in print

“Adventures in Single Parenting” is now released in print format. Printed, bound copies of this contemporary book about being a single parent can be purchased from the CreateSpace book store and also from Amazon.  As always, readers may download a free copy of chapter I and may also purchase a PDF download directly from my store.

“Adventures in Single Parenting” grew out of the experience that I as the author had as a single parent.  I was educated in engineering and was working as an engineer when my two children came to live with me.  Like many single parents, I was totally unprepared for the days and years ahead and learned about parenting the old fashioned way, by doing it.

The book is a collection of my experiences and observations as a single parent and covers such diverse topics as teenagers and sex, learning to drive, sex and the single parent, dating, discipline, running the single parent house and also includes some of my favorite recipes and in general, has a lot of tongue in cheek humor and wisdom derived from my many mistakes and triumphs.

It is the one book I wish I had read before the kids came to live with me.  I hope you get as much out of it as I put into it. If I help you succeed with your children in some small way, I will have succeeded.  If I help a lot, I will have triumphed wildly. Conssymroycupo . Crazaberamer .


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