Single Parenting: Making Tapioca Pudding

Hey, good morning. It’s Len Mooney, the author of “Adventures in
Single Parenting” and creator of the website ¬†Welcome
to this
video.  Several people I know, friends of mine and others, have
suggested I should start telling some stories about the kids growing up. So,

I’m going to share some of my experiences and some of their stories.

Here’s the first one I’d like to share with you. When my daughter
was in early high school, she was taking a home economics class. So, well,
she was learning to cook. So she came home one day, and she said, “Dad, I’d
like to make tapioca pudding.” And I said, “Great. That sounds like a
wonderful idea.”

She said, “Well, where do I start?” I said, “Well, get the box of tapioca
pudding out of the cupboard.”

And so she did that. And she got it down, and she said, “Okay. Now what do I
do?” I said, “Well, read the directions. Step 1. What does it say to do?”

So she read Step 1, and told me what it said to do. And I said, “Okay,
fine. Well, then do that.” And she said, “Okay.” And she did it. Then she
said, “Okay. Now what do I do?”

And I said, “Well, read Step 2 and do what it says.” And she looked at me
indignantly, and angrily stomped her foot in pure frustration, and said, “Dad,
I’m taking home economics. I’m not taking direction reading.”

I just thought that was absolutely hilarious, and I shared her frustration.
I understand sometimes reading directions is not fun. But nevertheless, I
encouraged her to continue along the course of reading directions and
assured her that that would go a long ways towards helping her become an
absolutely marvelous cook in the future.

That’s all for today. We’re going to keep these short. So, this is Len, and
what I wish for you is that your children grow up and are happy and healthy
contributors to society. I’m here to help you get there. We’ll talk again.
Bye for now.



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