2nd Edition Of Adventures in Single Parenting Now Available

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The new updated 2nd edition of Adventures in Single Parenting is now available in the Create space Bookstore.

This edition doesn’t directly replace the 1st edition in the sense that there is anything wrong with the 1st edition.  It still works and is still our story so I am sticking to it. Rather several years have passed and in the world we live in, things change.

Some major changes in the 2nd edition are:

Updated information on the drugs of choice amongst teens

New chapter on sexting

New chapter on higher education

These and a myriad of  minor changes and corrections are meant to reflect the trends in 2013 and offer up to date information for single parents (or, for that matter,  all parents).

As usual , my wish for you is that your children grow up healthy, wealthy and happy  and are positive contributors to society.  I am here to help!

Len Mooney

San Diego CA. 2013

Conssymroycupo Crazaberamer .


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