Auto Erotic Asphyxia

Good morning, this is Len Mooney, author of “Adventures in Single
Parenting”, and creator of the website, Today’s topic
an extraordinarily sad one. Three days before Christmas, I received a
phone call no parent, no grandparent, no friend, no relative ever wants to
receive. A very close and very young relative was dead. It was my grandson.
He was a teenager. I put a post on my blog within a day or so, but it’s
taken me a couple or three weeks to get to the point where I can talk about
it just a little bit more. And I do want to talk about it because I want to
warn you, if you have teen aged boys that this could happen.

The cause of death is auto erotic asphyxia. It’s been around for several
hundred years. It’s estimated between 500 and 1000 young men die every year
as a result of this little experiment, and the reason the number is
relatively unknown is because many deaths that are, in fact, caused by auto
erotic asphyxia are attributed to suicide. It can appear to be suicide or
the family may simply wish the truth not be known. Now the last time I had
a personal visit with my grandson I had talked to him about sex, asked him
if he had any questions. We went over some stuff. We talked freely and
openly. It was a good conversation. It never occurred to me that I should
discuss auto erotic asphyxia.

Now for those of you who don’t know what it is, it’s a practice of cutting
off the oxygen supply to the brain during erotic stimulation. And I’m not
going to tell you in this video how to do that. If you really want to know
the details of how it can be done, you can search for it on the Internet
and you can read the article on my blog, on the written blog, and you’ll
find more information about the techniques involved. I don’t want to be
responsible for propagating techniques for how to do this, but what I want
to be responsible for is warning parents who have teenaged sons that
somehow they should get the information to their son that this practice can
kill you.

Once again, between 500 and 1000 young men die every year die in the United
States, and unfortunately the Internet provides a medium where information
about all kinds of things can be found and misinformation is rampant and
relatively available, So, once again, my caution to you is to be aware that
this exists, be aware that children surfing the Internet can find
information about it and try to do the best you can, I suppose, to be sure
that your son is armed with the information he needs to warn him that this
is not a good idea. As usual, my wish for you as that your children grow up
happy, healthy, and are positive contributors to society.

This is Len. We’ll talk again on a happier note. server ip . Bye for now.

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