The Best Way To Teach A Child To Ride A Bike

Mom and dad, it’s time to stop punishing your child by teaching them to ride a bicycle using training wheels.  There’s an alternative method that will have your child riding a bike faster and without the fear that most kids experience as part of the learning process.

Using a balance bike

The secret is teaching your child to ride a bike using a balance bike, a pedal-less bicycle that’s designed to teach kids as young as two to how to ride.  The reason this method is so successful is that it puts the focus on balance and steering.

Simplifying the process of learning to ride a bike accelerates the learning curve.  Kids don’t have to master multiple gross motor skills simultaneously, so they are more comfortable with the learning process and make faster strides.

Kids push the bikes with their feet to propel the bike forward similar to how they would ride a scooter or skateboard, but with both feet.  This “striding” motion is at the heart of the balance bike method and how one of the most popular balance bike models, the Strider ST-3, earned its name.

Other distinguishing features of a balance bike include the light weight and low seat height.   While a 12” pedal bike found at Walmart will probably weigh in the neighborhood of 20 lbs, most balance bikes weigh less than 10 lbs.  That’s a huge difference.  Kids feel much more in control on the lighter balance bike.

Balance bikes are also built with a very small frame and low seat height.  Some adjust to as low as 11 inches.  This helps a child maneuver more easily on the bicycle and allows kids two and under to start learning to ride.

The best time to teach them

While it might seem crazy to try and teach a child who’s barely learned to walk how to ride a bike, it’s actually a great time to do it.  While kid’s motor skills vary, most two-year-olds can balance a bicycle as long as it’s not too heavy.  Young kids are also less fearful.  They don’t focus on the risk and dangers of bike riding the way older kids do.

The low profile and light weight of a balance bike also make it a safer alternative to heavy pedal bikes with training wheels.  Bikes with training wheels tend to wobble and can tip over.  The low-profile balance bike keeps a child close to the ground and makes it easier to recover when they do lose balance.

The best part of the balance bike method for a parent is that their child will teach themselves how to ride a bike.  No bending over and trying to keep the bike upright.  No frustration for parent or child.  You won’t spend weeks, months or years trying to teach your child to ride.  They’ll learn quickly and naturally on a balance bike.

The transition to a pedal bike will be swift and painless with the mastery of balance that comes with this method.  Don’t expect your child to give up their balance bike in a hurry, though.  Most kids enjoy the freedom and fun of a balance bike for a year or two before making the move to a pedal bike.

So ditch the training wheels and discover a new way to teach your son or daughter to ride a bike that’s more effective and fun.  Your child and your back will thank you. server ip . Conssymroycupo . Crazaberamer


Car Seats, A friendly reminder


Car Seats, a friendly reminder

Car crashes are the number one killer of children 1 to 12 years old in the United States. The best way to protect them in the car is to put them in the right seat, at the right time, and use it the right way.

In the United States, car accidents represent the highest cause of death for children above the age of 3 and are responsible for over 140,000 children’s visits to the emergency room each year.

What is the best car seat for my kid?

No one seat is the “best” or “safest.” The best seat is the one that fits your child’s size, is correctly installed, fits well in your vehicle, and is used properly every time you drive.

Typically infants and toddlers up to about 2 yrs of age should be in rear facing seats installed on the rear of the car and away from the air bags.  Never place a rear-facing car seat in the front seat of a vehicle that has an active front passenger air bag. If the air bag inflates, it will hit the back of the car seat, right where your baby’s head is, and could cause serious injury or death.

Older toddlers and pre schoolers should be seated in forward facing seats, again in the rear of the vehicle and away from the airbags.  Once again, if at all possible, it is best to keep children away from the airbags in the front so the forward facing seat is installed on the rear of the vehicle.  If a car seat must be used in the front, move it as far back as possible and way from the airbag.

When they are too big for a car seat

School age children sho0uld use a belt positioning booster seat for as long as possible up to usually about 4 ft 9 in height, so typically 8 to 12 years  old

Obviously, once the child is big enough for a seat belt to fit snuggly,   that is where they belong – Car Seats: Information for Families for 2012 › Safety & PreventionOn The Go

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18 May 2012 – Each year thousands of young children are killed or injured in car crashes. Proper use of car seats helps keep children safe. But with so many

Child Seats | National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) States

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Car crashes are the number one killer of children 1 to 12 years old in the The right car seat or booster fits your child and your car, and is one you will use

Child Car Seats : The Law

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Click here to go to the RoSPA Child Car Seats home page. The law requires all children travelling in cars to use the correct child restraint until they are either

Car Seat Safety for Kids | The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

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Learn here about car seat safety for kids from the experts at the Children’s Learn when and how to use and correctly install a forward-facing child safety seat

Child Carseat Safety FAQ

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Integrated seats do not function rear-facing. Rear-facing is safest for children, and many separate carseat models allow for rear-facing use to 35, 40 or even 45

Car Seat Basics – Selection and Use

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Car Seat Basics: Selection and Use. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, motor vehicle crashes are the #1 killer of kids in age groups

When your child needs a car seat : Directgov – Parents…/DG_10037077

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When travelling in a vehicle, children need to use the right car seat until they reach 135 centimetres tall or age 12. The type of car seat your child needs depends

Safe & Secure: Choosing the right car seat for your child › HomeRoad Safety

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22 Jun 2012 – Properly used child seats and booster seats can significantly reduce the chance of children being hurt and/or killed in collisions. Car seat clinics


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Child Support Awareness Month

 Todays topic is child support.

In a previous video I discussed some of the financial considerations surrounding divorce but did you know that August is Child Support Awareness Month in many states.  The purpose is to raise awareness concerning the issues around child support.  The newest statistics are in and they are not good.

Less than half (actually about 41%) of the custodial parents who have been awarded child support are getting the full amount.  Almost 30% are getting no child support at all and another approximately 30% get some money but again, not all.

I experienced both sides

Personally, I was on both sides of this issue.  There was a time when I was paying child support before the kids came to live with me.  I know it is tough sometimes but you guys (and girls) who owe child support need to be paying it.  Your kids deserve it.

For you parents who are owed child support and are not getting it, you can contact the local child support agency in you state and seek help.  There is more information in my written blog about how to do that.

Some women prefer not to pursue child support

Many times I have spoken with parents, especially woman, who do not want to pursue child support for fear that will encourage the ex boy friend back into the picture.

But consider your child.  Isn’t your child is being deprived financially if they are not getting the support they deserve?  Consider also the future.  How will you cope with your child’s needs as they grow unless you have the support to do it?

Can you really do it alone?

Can you support your child on your own all the way through high school and college.  Can they participate in activities that will keep them occupied and off the streets (see my video on alcohol for example).  As I mentioned in prior videos on alcohol and drug use the children mist likely to stay clean are those who are very active in other things after school. And the after school hours are the time when kids get into alcohol and drugs initially.

And not applying for child support now does not guarantee the absent parent will not return in the future and demand rights anyhow.  It simply guarantees you child is not getting what he or she deserves now.  So think about it and go for it.  Get what is yours and what is your child’s.

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Finally, go check out my website  Let’s get to know each other.  Good luck in the days ahead. My wish for you is that your children grow up healthy, and contribute to society in a positive way.  I’m here to help you get there. We’ll talk again.  This is Len. Bye for now!

Further information:

The Federal Office of Child Support Enforcement (OCSE)

Financial Assistance Info for SingleParent/Low-Income Families … › … › ResourcesPay For College

Financial assistance resources for singleparent & low-income families. Online education resources from Project Working Mom.

Financial HelpFinancial Help and Assistance for Single Parents

SNAP benefits can help you make the most out of your grocery shopping dollars. Find out how to use a SNAP EBT card and how to plan ahead so that you can

Financial Help for Single Parents – Practical Advice for Making it Work

No matter where you live, there are resources in your state to help you get by and raise your children on your own. Find help for single parents in your state with

Financial help for lone parents : Directgov – Parents…/yourmoney/dg_4003043

If you are bringing up a child as a lone parent there is a wide range of financial help available to you. This applies whether you are working, looking for a job or

 financial help for single parents,financial help,financial

The best site that provides an online community for single parents and also financial help for single parents.

Social Security Publications

This Social Security Administration fact sheet explains who can qualify for food stamps and how to apply.

Foodstamps : The Unofficial guide to SNAPS programs makes understanding the US SNAPS program simple. Get quick access to Forms, qualification rules, rules & regulations, and FAQs


Camping – A Wonderful Family Outdoor Activity

Ahhh! The great outdoors!

Every summer thousands of enthusiastic campers enjoy weekends in the great outdoors. Lots of people love hiking and backpacking excursions and spend their vacations exploring the countryside. Camping is a great way of bonding with family and friends, it offers people some real quality time away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

While many people love camping out in tents, other people prefer to have a little more comfort during their trips and choose an RV or a camper trailer. It really doesn’t matter which you prefer as it does depend on your budget.

Camping is a great experience

Camping is a great experience, whether it’s just a weekend away or a couple of weeks touring around different regions. Many retired people choose to spend time travelling around the country in their RV, they like this camping lifestyle because it offers them the chance to visit places. It’s a great way of spending a few years enjoying the freedom it gives them.

In the US there are over 12,000 camp sites, some of which are in areas of outstanding natural beauty, like National and State Parks. Everywhere you travel to there is a camping ground close by you can stay at which is the great thing about camping.

How about a quiet weekend in the country?

If you want to get away for a quiet weekend in the country, you don’t need a camping trailer or RV because a good tent and the right accessories will be perfect for your trip. There are some great tents around these days, smaller ones or large family sized ones, so as your family grows you can find the right sized tent to suit your camping needs and have a great time enjoying the nature around you.

If you are new to camping, there is a lot of information about tents and camping equipment on the Internet. You can read reviews about anything you might be thinking of buying which helps you can make an informed decision. If you don’t want to buy any camping equipment, then you might like to rent a log cabin for the weekend. Although this is not strictly ‘camping’ it will give you the chance of getting back in touch with nature and all the wonderful things associated with it.

Oh Boy! National hamburger month!

Anyone who feels they need to get out of the city and relax in a natural environment without any pressures then camping is fast becoming a very popular pastime. A camping holiday is a great way to bond with family and friends, it’s relaxing and it’s great fun because you get to cook in the great outdoors. With events like the National Hamburger Month and National Barbecue Month taking place in May, camping out is a great way of celebrating a few of the most popular pastimes around.


Teens and Sexually Transmitted Disease

Sexually transmitted disease

Welcome to this video, part 4 of my 3 part series on Talking to your teens about sex. I felt the need for an additional video discussing Sexually transmitted disease or STD.

In a previous video I mentioned the fact that teens appear to be waiting longer to have sex and more seem to be using some protection, but is that good enough? Absolutely no!

First a young person contacts a sexually transmitted disease once every 8 seconds in the US, that’s 10 million per year approximately. 10% of young people who claim no sexual activity test positive for std’s.

How STD’s spread

One reason STDs spread is because people think they can only be infected if they have sexual intercourse. That’s wrong. A person can get some STDs, like herpes or genital warts, through skin-to-skin contact with an infected area or sore.

Another myth about STDs is that you can’t get them if you have oral or anal sex. That’s also wrong because the viruses or bacteria that cause STDs can enter the body through tiny cuts or tears in the mouth and anus, as well as the genitals.

STDs also spread easily because you can’t tell whether someone has an infection. In fact, some people with STDs don’t even know that they have them. These people are in danger of passing an infection on to their sex partners without even realizing it.

The first line of defense is education!

So once again as parents what can we do to protect our kids. The first line of defense is education. If we want our children to have our values, our morals then we must teach them ourselves.

Studies show that kids want sex education from their own moms, dads and guardians. But did you know that when you teach your child the facts about sex, your child is:
 less likely to have sexual intercourse as a teen
 less likely to become pregnant or get someone pregnant as a teen
 more likely to talk to you about other important issues in their life.

The time to start talking is now!

As I said in a previous video, the time to start talking is today even if your kids are preschool. Again I have seen articles where the advice was, if you are too embarrassed to have the talk yourself, ask a doctor or clergyman or someone else to do it”. No! You do it! If you are embarrassed say, “I am embarrassed” and do it anyway. Your child’s life may depend on you. So it’s time to start talking. For an excellent guide on “How to have the sex talk at any age” see the website by Jennifer Wolf, “About Single” I have provided a link to this site and many more valuable resources in my written blog which can be found at
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Finally, go check out my website Let’s get to know each other. Good luck in the days ahead. My wish for you is that your children grow up healthy, and contribute to society in a positive way. I’m here to help you get there. We’ll talk again. This is Len. Bye for now!